Terms & Conditions


Memberships are billed via ezidebit on your selected payment schedule (weekly,forntightly or monthly) on a direct debit plan.


Payments will not be refunded if already processed unless in error, you cannot transfer your membership payment to another athlete or family member. payments due to failure in providing correct notice period for membership cancellation or holds will not be refunded


cancellation fees

if correct notice period (14/30 days pending membership type) and cancellation form is completed no fees will be applied. immediate cancellations will  unfortunately attract a membership fee for the cancellation period.

Cancelling while on hold

If your membership is on hold and you wish to cancel you may do so provided you still meet the cancellation periods required by your membership. you may cancel your hold and go into your cancellation period immedialetly or complete the full duration of your hold with the cancellation period coming into effect as of the first day after the hold period

membership holds 

to request please fill out the memebership hold form located on this website. holds are only available for more than 2 weeks and less then 2 months pending membership type.


failed payments/billing issues

wodify uses ezidebit which is a third party payment facilitator. ezidebit charges transaction fees which is in addition to the membership cost( *please note certain banks/cards may attract additional fees). 


If you have a failed payment on your scheduled date, ezidebit will re-process the next day. it is your responsibility to ensure there are funds available in your nominated account for your payment date. each failed payment incurs a $11.90 ezidebit fee ontop of your membership cost, this is a cost for each failed payment and is not something we can control unfortunately. this is an ezidebit fee not associated with kong au. kong au receives zero financial benefit from ezidebit processing/transaction fees.


You can change your payment details and contact information anytime through wodify (app included). Please make sure your details are correct and updated when cards expire etc.


UNlimited memberships flexible    

  • 14 day minimum period

  • 14 day cancellation notice period

  • no sign up fees

  • unlimited MEmbership holds (14day minimum, 6weeks max)

  • 7 days notice for holds

  • new pricing structure will apply if membership is cancelled and reactivated. 

  • 24/7 access

  • lost/damaged access cards incur at $10 replacement fee

Unlimited memberships Fixed 

  • 30 day minimum period

  • 30 day cancellation notice period

  • no sign up fees

  • limited membership holds . 6 weeks total over a 12 month period (14 day minimum)

  • 7 days notice for holds

  • new pricing structure will apply if membership is cancelled and reactivated

  • 24/7 access

  • lost/damaged access cards incur at $10 replacement fee

10 class pass

  • Only coached metkong & kongstrong classes may be attended

  • no 24/7 access

  • pass is valid for 6months only

  • not interchangeable

  • no refunds

  • limited access to wodify

  • limited access to social group page

  • limited access to in house events organised by kong au


  • 14 day period only or 4x classes whichever occurs first

  • limited to coached metkong or kongstrong classes only

  • no 24/7 access

  • limited wodify access

  • no refunds

  • no sign up fees

  • one time only offer

  • no kongkids discounts after membership has expired

  • limited access to social group page

all memberships/passes

  • must sign and complete the waiver before undertaking any activity

  • must abide by the "box rules"

minimum age requirements

Standard memberships

The minimum age is 14 (fourteen). All members under the age of 18 requires the consent of a parent or guardian and the waiver must be co-signed by both the member and guardian.


Ages from 5-12 (but not limited pending maturity/physical ability level) as long as they can follow instructions and count to a basic level.

24/7 access

  • for unlimited members only!

  • children under the age of 14 may enter the gym and remain in the kids enclosure for parental/guardian supervision but may not use the facility without having an unlimited membership and signed the waiver.

  • non members are strictly not permitted inside the facility after hours

  • any member granting access to non members outside will incur a full membership fee on the payment information provided in wodify without notice.

  • all equipment must remain inside the facility at all times. doors must remain closed. if you wish to exit and enter the building you must take your access card with you and do not wedge the door open.

  • shower and bathroom facilities are provided for your use

  • all fans/music/tvs/lights etc must be turned off before you leave and the facility left in the state you entered. you must pack away and disinfect all your equipment after each use

family memberships
  • HOLDs -same requirements as unlimited memberships

  • are not transferrable

  • in the instance of a member in a family membership needing to go on hold the membership will revert to the standard membership payment for the duration of the hold. 

Box Rules