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KONG Au is a locally owned and operated Functional Fitness & Olympic Weightlifting gym. We are not a franchise of any sort so you can be guaranteed our service is tailored towards our gym and our members not a global scale.

Our product:

True Strength & Conditioning

We are unlike any other gym in town. We pride ourselves on our constant coaching to make you better.

We have structured classes where our coach will instruct you through a:

- Warm up specific to the days workout

- Strength or skill piece 

- WOD (Workout of the day)

- Core or accessory component

Our coaches will not do the workout with you like many other gym classes, they are there to coach YOU not workout.

In a nutshell our class is more like a personal training session in a group environment, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone and towards your goal faster than you can beleive.


We are located in the Ryan ave complex near the cinemas. We boast over 300m2 of functional space:


- Walls you can climb & do handstands against

- A huge AlphaFit rig which can host up to 24 people doing pullups at the same time

- 8 Squat cells

- 5 Climbing ropes

- 8 Muscle up stations

- Over 30 barbells ranging from 8kg to 20kg

- More bumper plates than you can lift

- A fully stacked Dumbbell rack 5kg to 55kg 

- Kettlebells and deadballs from 4kg to 55kg

- Sandbags, kegs, famers handles, axle bars, lifting logs and sled with much more!

We also provide 24/7 access for our unlimited members & unisex toilets and showers for everyone to use.