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Welcome to Singletons only premium strength and conditioning facility. Here you will find an environment like no other. Firstly you will notice there are no machines or mirrors. Second you will notice it's LOUD!

You will hear weights dropping, Beats blasting, people screaming,grunting and it will look like chaos. Soon you will hear a  3..2...1 Time! and you will notice they will all fall to ground gasping for air or trying to make the discomfort disappear...then something weird happens, something that you have never seen before...they will all rise from the dead!

quick run...the zombies are here

nah just kidding, they will all get up with a huge smile on their faces and start fist bumping and congratulating each other. they will start packing up all the equipment into its designated place after giving it a clean.

What was chaos five minutes ago is now a clear, quiet open gym space full of friendly sweaty faces waiting to meet you!

Once the excitement is over you will look around and see high quality Olympic lifting barbells, Premium bumper plates, Kettle bells, Dumbbells, Pull up bars, Gymnastic rings, Med balls, Climbing ropes, Air bikes and much more!

You will soon find that we offer much more than just a premium fitness service, We are like a big family. Our community is our strongest asset, Every athlete is very encouraging and motivating towards each other. Everyone is polite, welcoming and not judgmental at all!


Nobody is worried about how fit or unfit your are, how strong you are, how overweight or underweight you are. Everybody is very like minded and are here to help you along your journey and give you a push along the way. they can relate, everyone has a first class.

If your competitive then your going to be in your element, you will be pushed harder then you could even imagine and be screaming for more! Don't believe me, then do a class and tell me you were not pushed when you wanted to be! 




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