We are back in business, clearing out the COVID-19 cobwebs
From your lungs!

Apart from that we are also constantly cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting the gym.

We have a Covid-19 safe plan in place in accordance with NSW Health.

We don’t just say “Make sure you pack away your equipment and wipe it down”

We actually enforce this , you will never see dirty equipment left out and will never have to pack up somebody else's weights.

You will never hear our coaches nag members about doing it, it’s just a habit we develop and is respected by all even more so in these crazy times

You can come to gym knowing everything is in its designated spot cleaned & ready to use

We record ALL our entries to the facility via our app, also capping our classes at a maximum of 20 people.

We sanitiseand check your temperature on the way in the door and have plenty of cleaning products readily available to keep you safe

We train mean , get lean , keep clean


About the deal

Join with a friend for 1 month and you will both receive the first entire month for 50%.

This deal applies for our unlimited memberships only.

Unlimited memberships are normally $49/week per person. 

SAVE $106 each

with a weekly payment of just $24.5

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Welcome to kong au, Singleton's only premium strength and conditioning facility. Here you will find an environment like no other. The first thing you will notice is there are no machines or mirrors, the second thing you will notice it's LOUD!

You will hear weights dropping, Beats blasting, people screaming, grunting and it will look like chaos. Soon you will hear a  3..2...1 Time! followed by bodies hitting the floor gasping for air or trying to make the discomfort disappear...


then something weird happens that you probably haven't seen before...they will all rise with a huge smile on their faces and start fist bumping and congratulating each other. they will start packing up all the equipment into its designated place after giving it a clean.

What was chaos five minutes ago is now a clear, quiet open gym space, full of friendly sweaty faces waiting to meet you!

Unlimited memberships



Starting from

$45 PP 


 $49/ Fortnight 

12 month contract
Family membership
FIFO/ Lifestyle
- Unlimited classes
- 24/7 Access
- SugarWOD Access
* For ALL 




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  • Large open floor space

  • Huge Alphafit rig

  • Premium bumper plates

  • HD Pendlay barbells

  • Full Dumbbell rack 5kg-55kg

  • Sleds, Deadballs,sandbags, kegs

  • Farmers carry handles

  • kids play pen

  • And much more


Digital tracking interface will record all your reps,sets,weights, book your classes and much more


Unlimited members can use the facility after hours!


Private social forum to interact with members and coaches.

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21/21 Ryan Ave

Singleton NSW 2330

Right next door to the cinemas

Close walk to Singleton square approx 400m

Contact now

21/21 Ryan ave Singleton, NSW, 2330,
 E-mail:  kong.au@outlook.com
Tel: 0403218372 

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